How to Overcome Your Seasonal Allergies With a Regular Massage Routine

There are a number of reasons your might experience seasonal allergies. Some people are allergic to the pollen that appears around springtime, while others are more sensitive to grass clippings, the changing weather conditions and a variety of other causes. While seasonal allergy medication can help, and treatment from a qualified physician might become necessary, a regularly scheduled therapeutic massage routine can improve seasonal allergy symptoms and make them that much easier to deal with. Now, it might not entire eliminate the seasonal allergies, but as many seasonal allergy sufferers will tell you, any help is can go a long way. For anyone experiencing minor seasonal allergies, a professional massage routine could be all that is necessary to eliminate major symptoms.

The Facial Massage

While many people visit the spa for a body massage to alleviate pain and discomfort in the upper body, a facial massage can offer a number of health benefits as well. One such health benefit is reducing seasonal allergy symptoms.

These symptoms improve thanks to the facial massage encouraging pressure relief and drainage throughout the sinus cavity. Just 20 to 25 minutes of facial massage can help greatly improve a sinus drain.

The greatest way to boost the results of a facial massage, a warm towel should be placed on the forehead, bridge of the nose and directly around the eyes. This warm towel will warm up and soften the muscles around the sinuses, as well as loosen up the mucus, as well. Once the muscle areas have softened, the massage will begin. The right level of pressure, applied correctly and in the set motion, will facilitate the free flow of buildup inside of the sinuses. The professional massage therapist is also going to work on the upper neck and  clavicle continuing up to the jawbone with the goal of working the entire drainage area.

Many individuals also suffer from inflammation near the base of the neck while experiencing seasonal allergies, so having this region massaged can provide relief from this feeling as well. When the session ends, the individual will feel better and have a significantly clearer sinus cavity. Now, this is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. It may be easy for the patient to feel out how often scheduled visits are necessary, as some might be able to go a couple of weeks or so in between, while others may need to visit the massage therapist several times a week during peak allergy season. As the massage only lasts around thirty minutes, it is usually not a problem to fit these massages in.

Additional Support

Some essential oils can help prolong sinus relief after the massage has concluded. The massage therapist can point out the best kinds of oils that can be applied to the area surrounding the sinuses where they applied the hot towel. Two examples include eucalyptus or peppermint. Each of these oils enhance energy, while also contributing to allergy relief. Individuals with excessively oily skin may not be able to utilize the oils without the occasional breakout, but for most, the added oils should prove to be an exceptional improvement to the allergy relief they experience.

The bottom line is that massage offers a wide range of various health benefits and it can improve allergy relief, alongside many of the other advantages of the service. All of this points to why everyone needs to get in and make regularly scheduled appointments with their massage therapist. Their entire body will experience the benefits. 

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